Monday, 16 November 2009

lets start a riot

ive been in new york for just over a week.its goin good.ive meet cool people and got intern work with the my favourite photographer tim baber.
ive relised though that nothing can beat is close.
haha i think its the fact you can walk out your front door and walk down the street and you see someone you know.
you've allways got a friend to see.
its hard moving to a new city when you only know a hand full of people.and they all work in the even though im in the city that never sleeps i just wanna hang out with my girlfriend and watch a movie or go for a walk with her or go to sleep.
maybe im just home sick.which is lame i know.i should just grab these 3 months and just keep going non stop.
at least shameless is on tv.

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