Sunday, 20 December 2009

stop the collective.

going to stop this blog.

hit me up now at



dope body

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

this city will be the death of you

when i first went to nyc i fell in love with it.when you first get here it you feel like your in a place where you can do anything.your lost in the endless lights and noise.people everywhere, allways things happening.
it was on a school trip my first insight in to this it was just a group of great friends drinking and exploring.

my 2nd time here was great as well.met loads of great people, took great photos and made a great zine out of it.i was hooked.this city is where i thought i could spend the rest of my life.

the 3rd time is now completely differnt. i think i did pretty well in my first couple of weeks here.i got part time intern work with one of my fav photographers.again meet loads of intersting people and made some great friends.
but then i started to feel lost.
this city will eat you up and spit you out if you let it and i nearly did.
you can be in the in the middle of the biggest crowed but be completely alone.

my friends mean the world to me. and the city of exeter is one of the greatest places and the people are the best.but its just your allways happy in your comfort zone, and its allways best to try and leave your comfort to get more from life.i got to a point in exeter where i just needed to get out.

i dont really know what im trying to say here.i think i just need to write stuff down other wise il go crazy.and its allways good to look back at at a point in your life and think fuck im glad i didnt pack it all in and leave to go back to the nine to five.

the hardedst part of this trip is being away from my girlfriend for so long.
she inspires me more than nyc ever could.

i am turely greatful that i have had this expreince and that i did it on my own.
im working fucking hard at trying to make photography in to a carear and i think im going to do it.(i hope).

remember no guts no glory.

im driving from baltimore to miami this week with a great photographer called alex.
this trip is going to be so inspiring.
i hope that my best work comes out of this trip across this messed up country.

i just got to allways remember


Monday, 16 November 2009

lets start a riot

ive been in new york for just over a week.its goin good.ive meet cool people and got intern work with the my favourite photographer tim baber.
ive relised though that nothing can beat is close.
haha i think its the fact you can walk out your front door and walk down the street and you see someone you know.
you've allways got a friend to see.
its hard moving to a new city when you only know a hand full of people.and they all work in the even though im in the city that never sleeps i just wanna hang out with my girlfriend and watch a movie or go for a walk with her or go to sleep.
maybe im just home sick.which is lame i know.i should just grab these 3 months and just keep going non stop.
at least shameless is on tv.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009