Saturday, 11 April 2009

nyc blog get me?

so its my first day in nyc,got up at 7.30 got a bagel and some juice and sat on the rooftop and watch the sun rise over the upper west going to be a good day.but i miss jen.

so yesterday in nyc was great,i walked miles and miles.went soho and the lower east side. went to a loft where a friend of my mum lives,who is an was crazy big and its in the same street that patti smith went to brooklyn and met ryan mcginley.he took my was cool.then went to ryans studio where all these cool people are.then meet pete.hes cool.and we went for a beer in this bar.

so i have just woke up in the ghetto of brooklyn.petes house is amazing. it was this big old open factory space and they built room and it has a huge basement.its hard to explain,il take photos of it. dont know what to do today.go to some exhibitions.write post cards. that sounds good.

day 3 in nyc.its raining!!!!wooohooo i feel like im home.yesterday in went to some exhibitions, ate lucky charms and took photos of bikes.lots of im fucked, i cant get my card to book more nights at the hostel.and buy 11.00 il be on the street, going aghhhhhh where do i when i get that sorted im going to sit in a bar and get wasted.ha! i miss jen even more.x

it's day 4 in nyc.its stoped raining!!!!so yesterday i left my shity hostel and am now staying with my friend josh on the lower east side.he's really cool and lives with a bunch of cool photographers and the flat is massive.soooo good.last night we went and saw "wavves" at this place called the cake shop.amazing gigs records and cakes. then went and had dunkin donuts.good. so its monday....going skating.

today in nyc and skated around got lost in brooklyn.had 2 hot chocolates and 3 chocolate milks. meet dana sat on her roof and took photos.ate pizza watched a cool movie about the lower east side riots and a cool exhibition space.being here has given me so many good ideas for shows in exeter.cant wait to get home.parting tomorow night..

yesterday me and josh went to a park in nyc and took photos of me climbing trees and bridges and running around being was fun.then we went to dana's club night called house party and i drunk alot.they did a beer and a shot of tequila for $4.sooo good. dont know what to do today.going to go spend some $ and get jen somthing beautiful.i cant wait to be home though. latzx

day 7 nyc.the sun is shinning.went and skated at brooklyn banks in the sun. i want to come home now. woooohoooo back tomoz.

youve been krinked

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