Friday, 30 January 2009

when i was young i used to break dance.

when i was young i used to break dance.
over the last two days i found out that two of my friends that are now in their 30's used to break dance when they were younger. now i know that's probably not that weird.
They were 70's- 80's teenagers who were there when all hip hop, graffiti and b boy culture rocked up on the shores of the UK.
my friend Steve said that he would come home from school lay out the lino in the back yard and break and break for 2 hours every night.
He was obsessed.

my friend Jeff came over to my house the other day. He does drawings and likes hip hop. He also used to break dance.
so he started doing this move where he balance's on his hands and puts his legs in the air. A pretty standard move.He then tried to do it on my broken washing machine but did not succeed.
so i thought i would give it ago. the only thing i can do that resembles any kind of b boy move is to run and slide on my kness like little kids do at weddings and some kind of weird hand stand where my legs go in ways they should'nt.

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