Tuesday, 16 December 2008

graffiti is not for cool kids! its for kids that are so not cool there cool!

Graffiti in exeter has been photographed by this man since i first picked up the can! and he taught me everything i no.
king of da south west in his own unique way!
with letter's that twist and turn...STA tell me what its like to be a graffiti artist in this day and age!!!
oh and he really like's doog' but he has two cat's
hello STA?


you have a website called spacehop.50g.com in which you take photos of exeter graffiti, why do you do that?

Ive been into Hip Hop since back in the day when Run DMC had Adidas and the Beastie's made me nick VW signs, I've been documenting graffiti since I was 10 years old when I went to Spain on holiday and saw my first pieces, they were amazing and I nagged my Dad to borrow him and his camera so we could take some shots. I've been taking photos ever since and when I moved to Exeter I noticed there was loads of graff around but the only Exeter Based website was about Stencils, there was a gap in the market!!, i wanted to learn web design so I just got a computer and started, the rest is history.

how long have you been painting graffiti?

If you dont count writing "Fresh, Beat Street and Wild style" in my mates garage as a kid I think it's about 4 years, I started the site before I started painting and that was about 2003

do you think exeter has a good scene for graffiti?

Exeter's got a lot of graff history, when I first came here there were "Teach DDS" pieces and "Kilo SIN" tracksides and bridges, when I first started the scene was good, we used to paint at the legendary Chrome Wall but that’s where things started to get messy, The NK and others pissed a lot of people off by dogging anything and everything and some people stopped painting because of that, In the last year or so it's not been so great but thanks to a few new arrivals the scenes kicking off again, there's never really been much "beef" here just stupid kids, who like to run their mouths but cant paint for shit. When the people that matter get together it’s usually just nice and chilled.

if you could be part of any graffiti scene where would it be?

Yeah Spain!!!, I’m Spanish in another life!!

what exeter writers do you think have a good style?

Haha, I better watch myself here. I wanna say Ican but he aint from round ere and don’t paint these parts much. Everyone has their own style, some good some not so good, Illegally, I think Plots is killing it!!! He can do a throw up in 5 mins that’s better than a piece that takes me hours!!, Tecka is “tha Wrecka” with a nice handstyle who hits all the spots, I luv seeing Gone take out a whole wall with his bubbalicious style but overall it’s gotta be Mr DUBZ, he knows how to rock a spot and can paint pretty much anything.

have you ever been arrested?

Only for that murder charge that you weren’t supposed to mention, but I’m innocent, I was in Tesco’s buying pop when it was supposed to have happened and I got witnesses.


Cos without witnesses you ain’t got no proof that it wasn’t you.

you write for a crew called the El3 what does that stand for and who is in it? What’s it stand for?

Equality, Liberty and………..3 cos it’s a magic number. Ha ha , fucked if I know mate, you need to ask Gone.The crew used to be just 2, Gone and Mesh the original funk soul bruvas, now though it’s my crew and it’s me, Sugz, Ican and when I let him Gone.

where do you see your self in five years? still painting?

Well I’m getting on a bit now so if I’m still alive you’ll either find me complaining about the weather and how I don’t like painting up ladders or I’ll have gone deep cover and be a graffiti assassin who paints and kills for money in south America.

any shout outs?

Gone and Mesh (where are you now???) who gave me encouragement and said don’t paint that, paint this!!!!!Mr Ican who keeps pushing me forward!!The Sugz monsta cos it’s always a pleasure never a choreAnd anyone and everyone else who has been there and done it, liked it and gone back for a little bit more.

thanks STA

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